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Private Hypnotherapy - the best way to reprogram the subconscious mind and

gain greater understanding of your self.

What to Expect

You can have a deep revealing alignment with who you really are. Each session is uniquely custom tailored to your individual needs. My intention is to create a safe space for deep understanding and healing resulting in greater self-love.


Your subconscious mind can grow any seed that you plant in it, with consistent watering of positive reinforcement, and using the tools that you receive in your session. You will be unstoppable in having the best life yet. 

When you relax, you heal.

Introducing you to your inner child is the key to self love. Let me be your guide.

Now facilitating appointments over Apple FaceTime, Skype or Zoom!

"I have had several sessions with Robin in person and over Skype and each time she has helped me to discover something new about myself.  I went to see Robin because I felt stuck in my life and it was starting to affect my body in the forms of anxiety and lack of enthusiasm.  In our session Robin guided me into hypnosis and I was able to see where the blockages were in my body, find when each of them began, and realize why my subconscious mind created them.  With Robin’s guidance I healed, resolved and released the blocks.  Afterwards I felt energized and full of confidence.  Now my body no longer has the automatic reaction of feeling anxiety when I am challenged.  I highly recommend having a session with Robin, her approach is based in pure love and I felt completely comfortable and relaxed with her."

Jan - Portland, OR

"I really can’t say enough good things about my first session with Robin. I was in tears of release from the beginning. Robin’s voice and tone is sweet and soothing. Robin is wise in empathy and emotions and was sympathetic to deep childhood trauma I have been carrying. I trust Robin.

By the end of my session my body was relaxed and vibrating noticeably. I came away with tools to keep myself centered and new insight on my decision making process. I now have a tangible way to stay more grounded.

Thank you so much Robin! I look forward to our next session."

Dallas - Los Angeles, CA

"It's been over a month since our session. I am amazed and very grateful for how well the smoking cessation therapy worked. Not only have I not had any tobacco since our meeting, but most miraculously, I have experienced zero cravings."

BK - Taos, NM

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